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LuZi || Massage & Reiki

Terms and Conditions

By scheduling an appointment with LuZi || Massage and Reiki, you automatically agree to our terms and conditions.
We are a professional practice offering a variety of services including relaxation massages, sports massages, Ayurvedic massages, chakra energetic massages, holistic pulsing, and Reiki.
Please note that we do not offer erotic massages.

Admission Policy
LuZi || Massage & Reiki reserves the right to refuse entry to individuals if, in our judgment, their behavior disrupts the peace, safety, or professional environment of the practice.

Professional Affiliations
We are affiliated with the Association for Practitioners in the Massage and Sports Care Industry (BMS), membership number: 240024. We are registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number: 93880685. Our VAT ID number is: NL005049719B12.


LuZi || Massage and Reiki holds the 2024 annual license from the Collective Alternative Therapists (CAT), making me, Luthania Zimmerman, a certified alternative therapist, registered under BO number: 125732024-05-24. My areas of expertise include Energy therapy and Massage therapy.

Geschilleninstantie Alternatieve Therapeuten (GAT)

As a CAT-therapist, LuZi || Massage and Reiki is subject to GAT-Wkkgz complaints and GAT-disciplinary law under the Disputes Body for Alternative Therapists (GAT). For more information about our complaints procedure, please visit:

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