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My first massage experience with Luthania was nothing short of amazing—it was also the best! Since then, I’ve made it a weekly ritual, and I can honestly say I’ve never slept better. Luthania is not only professional but also attentive to your specific needs, ensuring a truly personalized experience. Highly recommended for anyone looking to enhance their well-being.

Lidy-Anne Sewcharan

I had an excellent experience with Luthania as my massage therapist. She was incredibly friendly and helpful throughout the session. I appreciated the lack of waiting times and her ability to accommodate me at short notice. Not only does she provide excellent massages, but she also takes the time to explain the root causes of any issues. I highly recommend her services.

Erwin Maria

I’ve had the pleasure of receiving both relaxation massages and chakra energetic massages from Luthania on multiple occasions. Each time, she has skillfully relieved numerous knots, pains, and burdens, leaving me feeling immensely relaxed and rejuvenated. I highly recommend her services, especially if you lead an active lifestyle. There’s something extra special about getting a relaxing massage after a workout. Thank you, Luthania!

Shashinduska Nazir

The massages at LuZi || Massage & Reiki are simply amazing. They’re so relaxing that you’ll likely find yourself drifting off to sleep, only to wake up feeling incredibly refreshed and rejuvenated, wishing the massage could continue indefinitely. The attention to detail is truly impressive—from the carefully curated room setup and ambiance to the high-quality oils used. This has become my go-to place for massages and any relaxation techniques. Highly recommended!

Blissful Client

I recently had the pleasure of experiencing a wonderful, soothing massage with Luthania. The session left me feeling deeply relaxed, and my body felt rejuvenated afterward. I highly recommend Luthania’s services to anyone seeking a truly therapeutic experience.

Julyenka Nazir

I recently experienced a very nice and relaxing massage at LuZi || Massage & Reiki. The service was delivered with utmost friendliness and professionalism, leaving me feeling thoroughly satisfied. I highly recommend Luthania’s services to anyone seeking relaxation and rejuvenation.

Relaxed Client

I received a massage with Luthania, and it was truly wonderful. Not only did I feel well taken care of, but the experience also provided a deep sense of relaxation. It was so good that I found myself wanting more! Highly recommended.

Happy Client

Visiting Luzi || Massage & Reiki was a fantastic experience. LuZi herself takes the time to carefully listen to your needs and explains her approach thoroughly. Her work is imbued with love, care, and professionalism. After each session, my body feels deeply relaxed and cleansed. I highly recommend Luzi || Massage & Reiki for all her services!

July-Ann Maria

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